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Hardwood Staircase, Wood Stairs, Stairs Remodel.


Part of the renovations that you have in mind for your home may be doing something different with the stairs. Instead of going with more of what was already in place and already been done, you may want to try something different, something new. Fortunately, there are plenty of flooring options for stairs that you can consider. 

The key is to take each of those staircase flooring ideas and determine if they possess the qualities that you want. Since there are bound to be advantages and potential drawbacks with each option, it makes sense to look closely at each solution you're seriously considering.

Stair Retread


Stair Tread


Stair Riser


Stair Nose, Stair Bullnose


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Hardwood Stairs, Wood Stairs, Modern Stairs, Modern Stair Remodel
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