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Porcelain Shower Tile, Shower Tile, Tile shower, tile floor

Porcelain is a finer example of clay ceramic tile. Made of a higher ratio of silica and quartz, and baked or fired at a higher temperature, porcelain tiles are more durable (and oftentimes more expensive) than their red clay ceramic counterparts. A wide variety of colors and patterns make porcelain tile a chameleon of sorts. Glazed, etched, and texturized, porcelain tiles can resemble hardwood planks, expensive marble, or industrial bricks. 

Porcelain Tile

Ceramic Tile

Because it’s a contender for a large number of different applications, ceramic tile represents a versatile and popular choice for tile in home improvement projects. Affordability and durability make ceramic the ideal choice for any room in your home, including the bathroom, kitchen, and front entrance. Glazed ceramic tile offers more protection against stains or damage compared to wood, carpet, or even vinyl plank flooring.

Tile Floor, Ceramic Tile


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